The Process

Engagement Rings:

Shopping for engagement rings should be seamless and easy. Let us do the work for you! There are two ways we normally go about this:

1. Come in with a price range you are looking to be in & any details of what you are looking for (shape, color, clarity, cut, setting, etc). From there I will pick a few options of stones from my inventory as well as from other wholesale diamond houses we work with, for you to look at. During this appointment, I will take you through the 4 C's of diamonds and give you a small background so that you know what you're looking at. I will show you how to look at the stones under a loop and see any imperfections so you can make a decision with all of the information. Once you have picked a stone, the setting is the easy part! I have many options of sample settings for you to choose from or you can also come in with a picture or idea of what you are looking for. THATS IT!

2. Come in with the details of the stone / setting you are looking for and I will pick out one or two options of stones for you to choose from and we will make the setting from there. 

Once you have picked out your stone here is a timeline for the setting:

  • Plain (no diamond or gem stones): approximately 1 to 2 weeks
  • Diamond/Gem Stone: approximately 2-4 weeks

**All engagement ring stones are GIA certified and come with a certification showing all details of the stone.

Wedding Bands: 

I do both mens & women's wedding bands. You have a 2 options: you can choose from one of our sample designs or you can also bring in a photo or idea of what you are looking to do. 


  • Plain Band (no diamonds): 1 week
  • Diamond/Gem Stone: 2-4 weeks