My name is Ellie Mendelsohn, I live in NYC in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I grew up in Mountain Lakes, NJ and have spent my life being around the jewelry industry as a third-generation jeweler (my father and Grandfather). I interned at my dads wholesale diamond, watches & gold bullion company in the NYC diamond district every summer while I was in college and started there as a full time employee in June 2016 after trying out other industries post college. I went to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in the fall of 2016 and got my graduate diamond degree and am currently pursuing my graduate colored stones degree online.

Working for my dads company, I realized that my passion lay in the diamond sales, especially the bridal/custom jewelry category. I love making the process of buying an engagement ring, wedding band, or any other finished piece of jewelry simple and seamless for the customer. I always felt that jewelry should be elegant, delicate, and use nice quality diamonds no matter how small they are.

I created my fine jewelry collection taking inspiration from my experiences, everyday life, and my personal jewelry taste. I hand pick out every diamond and am. picky about the quality of the stones I used. Being in the industry, I have noticed that most fashion jewelry and even a lot of high end jewelry, does not sparkle the way it should. The misconception is that nice quality diamonds are too expensive. In fact, it is not that big of a difference and is always worth the slight increase to get that extra sparkle. I wanted to fill a void in the market and show people that you can use nice diamonds while still making affordable jewelry. My personal jewelry taste is elegant & dainty jewelry, showing as little metal as possible so that the diamonds really stand out. I prefer to have diamonds in all of my pieces and my collections show that. In addition, every piece is made here in New York City from start to finish.

In my free time, I love to travel and I have recently become very into fitness & nutrition. 

I hope you like my stuff!